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To begin our adventure, you will need a copy of the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook. A hard copy is useful to have, however, an electronic copy is much cheaper to obtain. If you are in need of a copy please let me know and I can help you find one. Below are useful links towards creating your first character and learning more about the realm we will be playing though.

Here is a link to the character sheet I would recommend starting with. Other commonly used character sheets can be found here (there are a ton out there). Additionally, there you can find pre-generated characters for most classes.

Here is a link discussing the Forgotten Realms, the setting for this campaign. The Sword Coast Adventurer's guide is also a resource for learning more about the setting. Again, I have a copy of this if you are interested in reading it. There is no expectation (or test) concerning any of the locations; this is merely to get you into the mindset of where we are. Our adventure begins with us leaving the city of Neverwinter.

First Steps

Most players in this group have no history with table top role-playing games and so we will start with an initial 'Session 0' prior to beginning our adventure. At this session, I plan on discussing the game as a whole and will begin to move through the rulebook as it pertains to character creation. This will likely take longer in terms of session lengths because of the amount of topics to cover. I will try to accommodate everyone's schedule in a single session.

Further sessions are aimed to take 3 hours once weekly on a weekday night that works for everyone. Difficult weeks (i.e. finals week, holidays, pharmacy conference weeks, and difficult test weeks) take priority over weekly sessions.

This campaign allows for the creation of your own character if you want. There are also 5 pre-generated, fully-fleshed, characters to choose from. You can preview them on the Characters tab. Feel free to steal anything from their sheets or to alter them as you see fit, since you will be playing as them. They are made with much more detail than is expected. Please do not be intimidated by this level of detail.

Finally, I have inserted bits of a previously played character of mine to show you how the characters can be homebrewed. Within the Wiki tab, I have also placed an adventuring journal that I wrote over the period of about 3 months that highlighted the concerns and thoughts of my character.


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