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Session 0 Recap

Session 0 Recap

I hope everyone came away from our meeting having learned a little about creating their character. From the group as a whole, there was expressed interest towards having role-playing be a portion of the game. At this time, everyone has a starting point on where the characters come from and have begun fine-tuning their personality traits, bonds, ideals, and flaws. I intend to inject as much character background into the story as each player would like.

Moving Forward

Everyone should look to produce a write-up (any length is fine) of your character's beginning and where he stands currently. The backdrop for the group is that you all have met through a similar event and have already discovered each other to be friends. I strongly feel that describing your character on paper is great way to discover holes or make connections you might not have seen when just thinking your character through.

When you have a draft made, please e-mail it to me at AustinTroyWilson@gmail.com. I may ask for further details or refinement so that everything fits into both the campaign and the character creation guidelines. If you would like to include something but aren't sure if it will be ok, feel free to reach out to me. Once we have the backgrounds finalized, I'll make a wiki page for it to be shared.

Next Session

We will need to meet up again, prior to our official launch in August, to discuss the online tabletop medium that I plan on using, Roll20. It is an increasingly modular program that has a few quirks to get used to. Just like learning anything knew, it will take some practice to get a handle on all of the tools available. I have set-up a small (i.e. single room) encounter that will stand as a prologue for the upcoming adventure. This will allow us to explore the tactical combat of Dungeons and Dragons in a safe environment (aka the middle of Neverwinter).



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